There are times when you have to make decisions for yourself even though it means disapproval and rejection from your loved ones. There are things that you want to pursue but no one seems to care or even understand. Everyday, you’re being bombarded with expectations that you know you won’t be able to fulfil not because you can’t, but because you just don’t want to. Have you experienced such dilemma?

Unfortunately, I did. And I had experienced such situation in a hard way. By the way, I am Tina Siuagan. I am a nurse by profession but a singer, musician, writer, and lawyer-wannabe at heart. I have always wanted to pursue the things I am passionate about in life. However, due to some “restraints”, I have to set all of them aside. My parents want me to take up B.S. Nursing in college, so I have no choice but to abandon my passion for liberal arts, singing, and theater. So instead of enrolling at the College of Theater Arts (from which I already had a slot for enrollment), I went to a top-caliber State University to carry out my parents’ wishes. Ridiculous move right? Well, it wasn’t that time when all parents were urging their children to study nursing and become a nurse, because of surging demands for nurse professionals abroad. I am not alone. There are thousands of us who left our own niches to traverse an unknown realm that’s completely foreign to what our heart desires. Okay, going back… I was fortunate enough to graduate on April 2009 in a scholarly status (Never thought I could make it.) and pass the Nurse Licensure Exam on the same year of graduation with flying colors.

With my dad, during my Oathtaking. (February 2010)

I thought I’d manage to become contented in my newly found career, that is, being a registered nurse. I tried my best to forget the past behind – my true happiness and aspirations in life. There’s nothing wrong with being a nurse, I thought. It’s a noble profession and a rewarding career. Not all can become one. I feel more like chosen to be part of such profession. So I decided to give it a try. Fortunately, I’ve landed a job as a triage nurse at one of the most premiere health facilities in the Philippines. There, I was able to practice my clinical skills and experience a life full of interactions. And that happened everyday, for eleven months. I thought it was really cool…

As the adage goes, FIRST LOVE NEVER DIES. My love and passion are music and law. When some big opportunity came up sometime in April 2011, that’s the time when I got confused for a while. I was torn between continuing my nursing career and pursuing my passion for other things. A sterling promise is awaiting me but I can’t proceed just yet. Leaving the nursing field is hard because I came to love the profession. And I knew that such career move would cause my parents a great deal of devastation. They’ve always wanted me to become a nurse. It’ll break their hearts to find out that I am leaving it behind.

Eventually, on July 2011, I broke free. I resigned from the triage nurse position and set off to a journey of self-discovery. I would like to find my long lost music and my future career. And no matter what happens, I’d be very thrilled as to where this venture gets me…

I don’t intend to play the part of the victim here. All I want to do is to write about my experiences. Maybe by doing that, I could release all the tensions I have and, who knows, I might help others to do the same. The aforementioned experiences are the said reasons why I set-up this website. Here, I opt to take into account all the progresses I achieve or incur in my attempt to pursue my life’s greatest passions. I would like to write about my hardships, my triumphs, and everything in between…

I just love singing...

People say I am broke for having turned my back from my profession. No they’re wrong, because I am rich in every way…

Others would say I won’t succeed. Who are you to know?

I might not have everything in life, but I don’t really mind…



What are your thoughts in this?

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