What I Did to My Wall…

Once in a while, we need a thing or two to remind and MOTIVATE us about accomplishing our goals and priorities in life. Hence, people have found planners and sticky pads indispensable. For some reasons, these articles (and similar ones) have been effective in giving us a constant reminder that we should keep on moving forward everyday. However, as for me, I don’t find making “to-do lists” fun and necessary; given my home-based work conditions. Furthermore, I am quite fortunate to be saved of too much responsibility or obligations. The only concern that I have to deal with is admonishing my procrastinating and idling tendencies. So here’s what I did:

Statement papers plastered on my bedroom/workroom wall.

I took the initiative to write some valuable statements (for me) in pieces of paper; then highlighted each letter with a neon marker. This way, rest assured that these tiny reminders will stand out on my bedroom wall and would definitely catch my attention. Basically, by mere looking at this photo, you would know exactly what my problematic areas are. Hahahaha! They’re plainly written yet boldly expressed.

What do you do to remind yourself to keep everything on track?

♥ TINA ♥

Four-Stringed GLOBAL Bass Guitar

Upon rummaging on piles of storage boxes and containers inside our home music studio, my brother stumbled upon our slightly-used funky red bass guitar. He had learned how to use such instrument alongside electric rhythm guitar and drums when he was still starting out as a musician. After almost a year of trial-and-error and self-reflection, he had finally decided to stick on his drummer stuff. So he thought it would be better to sell this one to interested starter or professional bass players.

Believe it or don't, this lovely bass has no scratches and functions so well... It breaks my heart to see it go...

At a fair price of three thousand pesos (PHP 3,000), the bass guitar comes with an entire package comprised of strap holder, bag or case, and audio jack cable for amplifier. (Not bad at all!)

No one else in the family knows how to play the bass guitar so, instead of just leaving it somewhere else, might as well have it sold to someone who can put it into ROCKING good use.

For more details on how to purchase this musical instrument, just message me on my facebook account or text and call at +639353645111.

Don’t miss such wonderful offer.

♥ TINA ♥

Despicable Me Part 2

Before, I was very reluctant to watch this teaser video from Despicable Me Part 2. And I was equally annoyed why people are raving about it. But when I finally gave it a try… I ended up…



Bah…bah…bah…bah…bah…bah…nah! Bah…bah…bah…bah…bah…bah…nah!                                                              Ba-na-nah!





Hope you had a good laugh with the minions.


♥ TINA ♥


Gary Come Home

While browsing my facebook dashboard, I came a across a video about Patrick and Spongebob. But I decided not to watch it. Suddenly, another idea came up which made me search another video instead. Then, I found something really cute…

It was not the actual episode but the following video presentation showcases the full-length “Gary Come Home” soundtrack. This song is part of that sequence when Spongebob and Gary had a little misunderstanding, regarding food and feeding, which made the latter stow away. And then after, Spongebob decided to find him after realizing that he can’t live without his snail-friend.

Here it is:

As anyone would browse the host of videos featuring such song, there’s this one clip that will surely catch anybody’s attention. This is a cover version of Spongebob’s “Gary Come Home”. This was done by Elmorelle.

I find the version kinda cute. When doing a song cover, the singer or musician doesn’t necessarily have to imitate everything in the original song. Elmorell did just that. I love the jazzy feel they’ve incorporated in the song. It makes me want to do a version of my own too… Maybe next time. Lol.

I hope you enjoyed both videos. There are lots of great videos in youtube that you may always check out. You’ll never know what you’re going to find out next.

Until next time… Please visit again.

♥ TINA ♥

The Turn Over

It was almost a year ago since I bagged the title as the 2011 Rachell Allen Image Model Search Grand Winner. The said image model search is open for nursing students or nurses and is aimed towards recognition of nursing excellence. So basically, this is a nursing beauty pageant of some sort, with some modelling events and photo shoot competitions in between.

This was me during the finals night. The guy right there, beside me, is Juan Carlo Bacanto, RN – the male grand winner.

With JC Bacanto, Male Grand Winner

Here are some of the highlights from last year’s Rachell Allen Image Model Search Finals Night:

Opening with my partner, Aaron.

I think I had worn the weirdest summer wear of all… Lol.

Aaron and I in our nurse’s uniform.

Candidate Number 7 as the Grand Winner.

I kinda miss the limelight. However, it is about time to turn over my title. But that doesn’t mean I’m left out. I know, I’d remain as one of the pageant’s pioneers and legacies.

Last March 15, I was asked to attend the 2012 Rachell Allen Image Model Search Finals Night  for my Final Walk and Title Turn Over. Here’s some of the photos from the event that I’d like to share:

This photo was taken after my grooming session at the back stage. My lip gloss was super red. <3

Behind the scene photo courtesy of Mr. Nanan Villalba, head of the Nanivon Team.

Instead of a night gown, I was requested to wear my white gala uniform. This is to show that I represent the nursing profession.

With Mr. Nanan of the Nanivon Team.

Now these succeeding two photos of me and JC were taken amongst the audience. We were asked to sit at the third row in front so we can access the stage quite quickly for our final walk.

I can’t find any photograph taken at the exact moment of our final walk but these photos would do. I was just happy doing the ramp once again, but this time, on a nurse’s uniform. It relives that momentous feeling I had almost a year ago when the grand winner title was bestowed upon me. And now, the new title is given to someone else who will be tasked to uplift the nursing profession through a responsible and morally-upright representation.


Can you tell the similarity?

My ecstatic reaction from last year’s finals night, after my declaration as the grand winner.

And this year’s scenario…


I really missed everyone from Rachell Allen – from the heads, managers, down to staff members and other collaborators…

with Sir Alvin Cloyd Dakis (founder of Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates) and Janina Gilian Santos (Nurse writer, educator, and women’s rights advocate)

From left to right: me, Sir George Delfin, JC Bacanto, and Sir Iwa Ajinomoto

CONGRATULATIONS to the very beautiful and bright Jessica Santos for bagging this year’s Rachell Allen Image Model Search Grand Winner title! (The photo below shows my clinical instructor look. Hahaha!)

From Left to right: My brother, JC, Jessica Santos, and me.

with Rachell Allen Family

And this one made my night. (Cute!)

All in all, it was a fun-filled and extraordinary night. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up. Now, the challenge of uplifting the nursing field and profession is in your hands… in the way you represent. Welcome to the club of nurse image models!

I am very honored to be part of the 2012 Rachell Allen Image Model Search. Having that short walk on stage kind of reminded me of everything that happened from last year’s search. It also made me realize how Rachell Allen Reviewers USA helped me achieve a distinct status which had been instrumental to my capacity to affect positiveness to student nurses, fellow nurses, and kababayans.

Thanks for reading!

♥ TINA ♥