A Tattoo Desire

I had this silly pact with my own self about finishing Bachelors of Law, passing the bar exam hopefully in the near future, and having a tattoo…

 If I’d be able to graduate from Bachelors of Law and pass the bar exam thereafter, I’ll get myself a tattoo.

 Silly huh?

My parents won’t let me have one. I don’t think tattoos are bad so long as you put them in “discreet” regions and cover them with adequate clothing.  And of course, as long as they are done properly. I would love to have mine done in a high-end and health-certified tattoo parlor so I’d be rest assured that my future tattoo would be done safely.

I would like to have that same structure for my future tattoo. I want something in print bearing all words or phrases significant to me –  my life principle, belief, or dogma. But definitely not about love. Something philosophical. I have so many ideas in mind but of course, I can’t put them all in one sitting. That would hurt a lot.

Anyway, those are just plans. Let’s see what happens. So the next time you see me with tattoos, it means I’ve already become a full-pledge lawyer. Haha…

How about you, would you like to have a tattoo?

♥ TINA ♥


What are your thoughts in this?

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