Espadrille and Bag Sunday Treats

In the early afternoon, I went to Mr. Dense Modesto, Rachell Allen IMS director, to do my pre-scheduled voice-over recording for my upcoming Image Model Search Title Turn Over on the 15th (And that’s Thursday this coming week!). Then, my boyfriend and I spent the rest of our Sunday bonding! We did some shopping and attended Sunday church mass thereafter. Nothing really significant though I would say, today’s activities were a whole lot of fun!

First, boyfriend gave me a pleasant surprise as he presented me “these” during my recording session:

These Espadrilles were so comfy to wear. The moment I put these shoes on to examine their fit, I decided not to remove them anymore. So I spent the rest of the day wearing them.

While boyfriend and I were strolling, we found a store (Too bad I didn’t get its name…) somewhere in Cubao Expo selling different clothing apparels and bags. So we tried checking out the place and found a great buy!

It was a Lacoste bag worth 500 bucks. Not sure if this one’s authentic but that would do. What I love about it is the army green color. Personally, I am not a fan of greenish stuff but this bag made a difference. I think it would look cute on almost anything I’d opt to wear. Not to mention, it’s very durable and spacious too.

It’s actually the type of bag am looking for – not too big yet not overly small. A bag that’s perfect to use in bringing valuables, books, snacks, water bottles, etc. In short, a bag that I can use when I go back to school. :)

Fun surprise and cool buy – what a great Sunday!

How’s your Sunday by the way? :)

♥ TINA ♥


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