Chris Cornell’s Remake of “I Will Always Love You”

And I will always love you…

I say remake instead of “cover” simply because Chris Cornell has put a different touch of technicality in Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You”. Don’t get me wrong… I love Whitney’s vocal quality as much as I love that song she popularized. But I have to say that Chris Cornell has given it a different life… Like he was singing it like his own.

(If you click on the link above, that underlined phrase, you’ll see what I mean.)

As a singer, I would want to emulate Chris Cornell’s ability to compose songs and immortalize them through the use of his own musical persona. His singing reaches the subconsciousness of the listeners and he doesn’t need to reach high notes just to do that. His attack to songs and melodies is pure, consistent and brutally HONEST.

Definitely one of the best vocalists of this generation…

Do you agree?

♥ TINA ♥


What are your thoughts in this?

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