My Band’s First Television Feature (Almost Five Minutes of Fame)

Earlier this morning, I remembered that today’s date is March 17 – the day when our very first feature episode will be aired. Over a month a go, we’ve been chosen as feature band at GMA 7’s “Maynila”. This morning program relates various Filipino values and real-life situations in a form of dramatized stories. Every episode showcases a song that’s fit to the theme of the featured story. And I am very proud to say that two from my band’s five original song compositions were chosen; out of the three demos we had submitted. So last February 16, we were invited for a two-song music video shoot which will be incorporated to a specific program the management will choose that they see fit for our songs.

Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Filipino kababayans, here’s a part of the March 17, 2012 MAYNILA episode. Introducing, our band AMIHAN and our original song composition called “BYAHE”:

I never thought I’d look good on TV. Haha! I’d like to call this exposure my band’s “five minute fame”.

The said video was posted on the day the episode was aired. You may watch the full-length episode video by typing in “Maynila March 17, 2012 episode” on Youtube. Don’t worry because even though several options would pop-out, they are very easy to discriminate. Thus, you won’t have a hard time landing on the right link to watch the whole story.

It feels good to be part of such well-known program knowing that I and my band mates are newbie artists in the music industry…

Please tell me what you guys think after watching. :)

♥ TINA ♥


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