Something to Ponder for Bloggers, Like Me

Lately, I have been thinking about ways on how to improve my methodologies, as a blogger, in order to give my readers a more solid and meaningful reading experience. After a series of trials and errors, I have discovered that there is more to blogging than just publishing periodically and coming up with good contents.


Yeah, you read it right. One key aspect of making sure that your site provides accurate and well-written blog posts is by going over recent or older contents. I have stumbled upon various blogging pitfalls in the past. And when I did this one single powerful technique, I was able to unleash the beauty in every post I made – regardless whether I have written them even in the remote past (lol).

The article that tackles re-reading past blog posts can be seen by clicking here.

I hope you find this one useful to enrich you and your reader’s blogging and reading experience. I’d also love to hear some of your insights regarding this matter.

Happy blogging, everyone!

♥ TINA ♥

My Thoughts on Health Blogging

As mentioned in my previous posts, I also maintain another blog site at Blogger/Blogspot platform. That site serves as the repository of my original articles and other written works I’ve created in the past three years – until present. I periodically update it with new articles, should the need for sharing pertinent information arises.

One of the articles I’ve come up is all about health blogging. I actually made the said blog post/article a while ago, while trying to lull myself to sleep. I suddenly thought about how much difference it can make if health professionals would give health blogging a try.

You may read the article by clicking here.

Whether you are a medical doctor, an allied health professional, or a reader who’s into health and wellness, I would love to know your insight about my proposition.

If you are someone who’s in the health profession or field, do you think setting up a credible health blog will make a difference?

♥ TINA ♥

What’s Up Doc? by Dr. John Cenica

I have this fondness of sending Facebook friend requests to people who belong within my network, regardless of whether I know them personally or not. Last Tuesday, I stumbled upon the profile of an esteemed cosmetic surgeon to the stars, named Dr. John Cenica.

Dr. John Cenica, the founder of the Jancen Cosmetics Surgery, was very friendly and accommodating. I happen to see his profile in the right panel of my facebook dashboard, among friends suggestions within the network I belong into. So, I decided to add him up. To be honest, I was not expecting his response at all. However, among all the suggested friends that I added up, it was so ironic that he was the one who responded promptly. Someone as “big time” as him… Gee, I can never imagine! We had a little chat over Facebook, up to the point when he called me up for almost thirty minutes or so over the phone, in order to share with me a meaningful and productive discussion.

And finally, last Thursday, I got the opportunity to meet Dr. Cenica, personally. You wouldn’t imagine how “starstruck” I was. Lol. Despite of the recognition he receives, Dr. John Cenica (or Doc Jancen) never let things get into his head. You know from the very start that he’s a down-to-earth person. Fame and success were never an issue for him.

One of the things that we have discussed, during our brief meeting at the Robinson’s Place Manila, was about the co-hosting stint that he would like to assign to me in the coming weeks. Doctor Jancen happens to be the host of one of Global News Network’s (GNN) morning-shift and all-time favorite shows,  called “WHAT’S UP DOC?”

And today was the realization of such “assignment”.

This morning, upon arriving at the GNN studio (at Makati) at about ten o’ clock, I touched down the realms of mass communication without apt equipment and orientation. However, with the help of Dr. Cenica, I was able to make my way through the entire segment – safe and sound. Hahahaha! The topic we discussed and presented in the show was everything about BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER, a category of mental health condition that falls under somatoform disorders.

It has been a very interesting segment because such condition was linked to cosmetic surgery, while tackling other relevant medical and psychiatric approaches and concepts in between.

It was literally FUN, FUN, FUN. The conversational presentation of the said topic was so enjoyable, we didn’t even notice that we only had three minutes left in the show to bid our audience good bye. How time flies so fast when you’re having a great time!

After the show, I was surprised on how much everyone appreciated my hosting skills. I am very happy to hear the director’s, as well as the doctors’, positive comments; however, I still recognize the need to fortify such act. That’s why, I finally decided to join their upcoming shows and be Dr. Jancen’s apprentice. Hahaha!

It’s more fun to be a nurse, singer, blogger, songwriter, and HOST. I’m wondering what activity will I try doing next?

We’ll see…

And oh, for those who weren’t able to watch today’s episode of “What’s Up Doc?” – fret no more! It will be replayed tomorrow morning at 12NN. I hope you guys can all tune in at Destiny Cable’s GNN channel.

Then if you do see me, tell me what your thoughts are…

Will I pass being your morning show host? :)

♥ TINA ♥

Fan Sign by Jay-Vee Pua

I don’t have any idea about fan signs until I saw it from a good friend, named Jay-vee…

Jay-vee is a nurse, medicine student, and model. As far as I can remember, we bumped into each other at the Rachell Allen Image Model Search go-see, the event from which I was hailed as the 2011 Rachell Allen Image Model Search Female Grand winner. It’s actually a search for  nurses who would represent Rachell Allen Professionals (formerly Rachell Allen Reviewers, USA) in print ads.

Commonly, fan signs are written in paper, human skin (Yes, they are!), or made out of internet fan sign generator software or applications. So can you imagine how I was blown away having seen this?

Aww… isn’t that lovely?

When I asked Jay-vee to make a fan sign for me, after I saw the one he made for his friend, he was so game with the idea. However, I haven’t seen any trace of fan sign since that moment we had a little fan-sign-comment-thread chit chat. That’s why when I saw that photo that he had tagged me in facebook into, I was so… so ambivalent – flattered, amazed, and ASTOUNDED.

Jay-vee and I hasn’t seen each other yet, since that go-see. However, we managed to keep our communication lines open. We were able to make our friendship bloom, even more. Even though we were miles apart, I felt like his big sis all along; like there is this brother-and-sister bond existing between us. This could be mainly because of the fact that we have the same interests, values, ethnic group, and profession. No matter what it is, I  know that our friendship is not something to be thrown out of the box.

To the sweetest little bro I never had, thank you very much for the fan sign. Let your Ate Tina (big sis Tina) return the wonderful deed with a simple blog entry.

Take care and reach your dreams darling. :)

Ate ♥ TINA ♥

Cakes, Cakes, and Cakes!

As opposed to my usual rising time, I woke up at about 8:30 a while ago.  Unlike my ordinary sleeping routine, when I hit the sack during which the sun has already come out, I tried my best to sleep as early as possible at 2AM this morning. Luckily, I did. After staying up until morning the other day, from an “event” with some mouse who haphazardly entered my room the night before it, I know my body demands one cycle of decent sleep.

So know, you wouldn’t imagine how I felt so energized a while ago. I ate a hearty breakfast of fried rice, dried anchovies, and smoked milk fish, and drank a mugful of instant coffee (Yeah, instant because I suck with constituting my own mix big time!). I even had a hour long chitchat with my mom as we tried catching up with each other’s endeavors and stories from the previous weeks. This always happens during the weekends, that’s why I so love days like this.

Well anyway, some of you my dear readers might be wondering what does this has to do with cakes.

Good question.

You see, because it seemed that I woke up at the right side of the bed, I feel all rejuvenated and ready to conquer all the entire day’s work. When I came back on my working station and browsed the net after talking with Mama, I found a an article from Hubpages on how to make and decorate train cakes. Upon navigating it, I found and watched a series of youtube videos about cake decoration. I became so fascinated about how easy and creatively done these cakes are that I have to bookmark their links for future reference.

Here are just some of the many videos I found. They are obviously my favorites:

The Turtle Cake

Sponge Bob Pretty Patties

Football Cake

Electric Guitar Cake

The Spongebob Squarepants Cake

I love cakes. Honestly, I would love to learn how to make lots of them. If I do get the means to study in a crash course class, I’d definitely be the luckiest girl in the world. Hahaha! I’ve always seen myself as a pastry-maker or a baker. I really can’t imagine myself dealing with frying pans and stove. Basically, all those videos above reflect how eager I am to learn. You might be thinking of making one of your cakes one these days so I thought of sharing these tutorials with you. In this way, more people would see and learn.

Now I have to stop. I’m getting hungry and I’m afraid there hasn’t any food cooked yet by this time.

Have a great day ahead!

♥ TINA ♥