My Take on Writing

During the past months, a handful of revelations came upon me. Honestly, I am sort of overwhelmed with them that I sometimes become quite unsure whether discovering them is a good idea after all. Nonetheless, I’m very happy to have discovered them all.

One of those revelations I’m talking about is a passion that I have failed to kindle when it first came up. A passion for writing.


Writing has never been a talent to me. Well, at least, that was what I thought before.

Dating back in my childhood and adolescent years, there was never a time when I tried to entertain and develop such craft. I never joined writing clubs or wrote for school papers. I was known in my elementary and high school as someone born of the arts. However, none of those included writing. That’s why I am quite surprised now that I am enjoying and making a living out of writing. It proved to me that something as far-fetched as me being a writer can actually happen.

Now, I love and embrace writing. I realized, this skill has always been there in the beginning. It was only me who failed to recognize it. Worse, I even denied its existence. I thought that singing is the only thing for me… the only thing that I can do. But then, it’s not fair to limit myself.

I know that this post is not a blog worthy article at all. I even doubt if anyone from the wordpress or world wide web community would read this. Either way, I still feel the need to write this. I would like to use this post to reach out to people – to whoever who might end up reading this.

When writing revealed itself to me, it taught me lessons on perseverance, patience, hardwork, and courage. It’s not that hard to become a writer.However, it’s never easy to stay doing this craft for life. It needs passion and dedication – two of which I discovered after the revelation came about. I am not saying I’m making lots of money from writing. But I have to say, doing it made me feel a more valuable person.



How about you, do you have a revelation you’d like to share? I’d love to hear more about it. :)



What are your thoughts in this?

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