Fan Sign by Jay-Vee Pua

I don’t have any idea about fan signs until I saw it from a good friend, named Jay-vee…

Jay-vee is a nurse, medicine student, and model. As far as I can remember, we bumped into each other at the Rachell Allen Image Model Search go-see, the event from which I was hailed as the 2011 Rachell Allen Image Model Search Female Grand winner. It’s actually a search for  nurses who would represent Rachell Allen Professionals (formerly Rachell Allen Reviewers, USA) in print ads.

Commonly, fan signs are written in paper, human skin (Yes, they are!), or made out of internet fan sign generator software or applications. So can you imagine how I was blown away having seen this?

Aww… isn’t that lovely?

When I asked Jay-vee to make a fan sign for me, after I saw the one he made for his friend, he was so game with the idea. However, I haven’t seen any trace of fan sign since that moment we had a little fan-sign-comment-thread chit chat. That’s why when I saw that photo that he had tagged me in facebook into, I was so… so ambivalent – flattered, amazed, and ASTOUNDED.

Jay-vee and I hasn’t seen each other yet, since that go-see. However, we managed to keep our communication lines open. We were able to make our friendship bloom, even more. Even though we were miles apart, I felt like his big sis all along; like there is this brother-and-sister bond existing between us. This could be mainly because of the fact that we have the same interests, values, ethnic group, and profession. No matter what it is, I  know that our friendship is not something to be thrown out of the box.

To the sweetest little bro I never had, thank you very much for the fan sign. Let your Ate Tina (big sis Tina) return the wonderful deed with a simple blog entry.

Take care and reach your dreams darling. :)

Ate ♥ TINA ♥


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