How Much is a Number’s Worth?

Numbers were invented to convey a quantifiable value of something. It’s more like an indicator of how much something is worth or costs. Say for example, a 250-peso straight-cut dress is considered more expensive than a 200-peso worth of lace-embellished miniskirt dress. Apparently, there was a fifty something difference in the price, from which the former was given greater value. But then, there’s also a deficit in prize to the latter though it has more design in it.

Numbers and deficits. Both are present in the realms of nursing. But up to what extent?

Would a nurse with a high board exam rating perform better over that one who doesn’t? Is frequent mention of board exam rating really needed in gauging one’s capacity as a nurse?

And would you care to find out?

I dared to find out the answer but didn’t succeed. However, I was able to collate my thoughts and come up with my most honest answer regarding the matter.

If you’re a nurse or someone who would like how board examination scores impact a professional’s career and life, please feel free to click on my original on the topic, here.

Also, leave your comments and feel free to tell me what your thoughts are on this. ;)

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A Caricature Out of True Friendship

Yeah, the title sounds uhm… CORNY. But the statement is true – with conviction.

Almost an hour ago, my friend Janina Santos sent me a Facebook message, asking me to check out a link. And I was sooo astounded when I saw it:

This sketch is like the most detailed I’ve ever seen of Janina’s works. She used to doodle some stuff in her notepad, back when we were still working in the same review center for nurses. But this one’s totally awesome. This sketch makes me feel proud that I have a true blue artist as a very good friend.

Janina and I met a year ago when I was competing for the 2011 Rachell Allen Image Model Search. Part of the coverage for our competition is an interview done in every candidate, which will be used as our profile descriptions on the pageant’s night. The one who (was assigned to do) did such endeavor was Janina.

Janina’s face is not a friendly one. She exudes that “the-devil-wears-Prada” attitude, which made all the image model contestants (Yes, including me!) think she’s a terror review coach, nurse manager, or something. As mentioned, I had the same impression too. I thought Janina was someone from the center I wouldn’t be very fond of.

But not all first impressions necessarily last. More so, people shouldn’t be judging a book by its cover (eh?). It turned out, Janina was the nicest and most brilliant person in Rachell Allen, which I never thought I’d prove for the rest of my life.

The hardcore English-speaking nurse and IELTS coach and program officer bombshell had become my very good and treasured friend. I love to believe that she’s my twin sister separated from me, at birth. We’re totally psychic sisters. :)

The photo above is like the most wonderful gift of friendship no one has ever given to me – until Janina came. Even though it was doodled out of boredom, I am pretty sure it was drawn from the heart.

What do you think of the drawing? Please feel free to leave your insights in the comments section below.

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