Can Eye Glasses Really Make a Difference?

Aside from eating, drinking, and breathing, I would have to say that being judgmental could be one of the few natural qualities every human being possesses. (But since I don’t have pertinent scientific bases and/or statistical data — I could be dreadfully wrong) Everyday, we make an impression of every individual we see, where it be in our regular cafeteria, workplaces, bars, gym — almost everywhere.

The aforementioned premise made me realize a lot as I examined the following picture:

When I was still in high school and until my sophomore year in college, I’ve not worn eye glasses, as opposed to those kids who would do just to ride the Filipino bandwagon on designer eye glasses. Apparently, being the “cool and/or sexy geek” had become the trend to beat. During such time, people would classify people like me [in nursing college] as average, while others with eye glasses would get near-worship regard because people would think they are studious, genius, industrious — and the other “good -ous and -ius” anyone can think of. But it turns out, almost none of their assumptions were true.

Another example is me wearing shorts and a revealing tank top: Men would whistle at me and others would give me those “what-are-you-wearing” stare whenever I put off my bumblebee [graded] glasses. But then when I put them on, I seem to become unnoticeable yet dignified even with the same type of outfit…

Peculiar responses from people isn’t it?

How about you? Do you have similar experiences? Can you actually relate with the picture above?

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to talk about them. :)

What are your thoughts in this?

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