Thank You for the Music



You hear it. You don’t see or touch it. It’s everywhere. Lingering. Blissful. Inspiring.

But it can also be heart-breaking.

I have numerous encounters with music. It was something I learned next to talking. It helped me through bad times and gave me company during triumphant ones. It made me forget the sad realities of life. But it also reminded me of bitter-sweet memories.


You let me write my life story. You gave me the opportunity to make myself vulnerable for others to see. I relish every moment of madness I experience in your hands. You’re something I always clung into…


In times ¬†like this, take time to save me. Salvage me from my propensity to self-indulgence and destruction. Once again, guide me with your harmony and words. Touch my inner soul. Pull me up and urge me never to return. Just like the ground — make me stand still.

Until I sing with you again…


What are your thoughts in this?

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