On “Hiatus” and Selfies…



A selfie I took in my previous office. :)

Yes, you read the title right. Apparently, I’ve been in some sort of hiatus in the past year. This is because I’ve been busy with law school and all other related stuff. But now that the tormenting second semester of my freshman year is finally over, I thought it would be best to write and share again through writing.

As you all know, I still maintain my blogspot account. And while I’m still in the process of saving up for buying my own domain name and web design, I resort to archiving my original articles over there in the meantime. In fact, just a while ago, I decided to post about my very own TOP FIVE CONSIDERATIONS in doing or making selfie shots. Since almost everyone is doing “selfie” these days, I thought it would be fun and practicable to write about the topic.

So there. If you have spare time. check out the aforementioned articleI just wrote and see whether you share the same techniques and sentiments with me, about taking selfie shots.


Happy reading!


What are your thoughts in this?

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