Oh No… Am I Next?!

On May 11, 2014, before celebrating Mother’s day (May 12th) with Mama and the rest of my family, I was invited by my dearest best friend Luigi to his wedding.

The matrimonial celebration was simple but MEANINGFUL. There weren’t any flashy stuff or drama — just pure fun amongst family, friends, and well-wishers. Amidst the fuss to take photos with the newly wed couple, I was able to grab my moment with my Bhezy-groom and his pretty wifey:


From left to right: Riza (bride), Bhezy/Luigi (groom), and me. :)

From Immaculate Concepcion Parish Church, from where the wedding ceremony was officiated, everyone proceeded to Aristrocrat, Malate, Manila. Being the post-wedding reception venue, that was where all the planned and UNEXPECTED happened.

Indeed, the UNEXPECTED.

Well, as far as the wedding coordinator and the family of the couple are concerned, I would say everything went smoothly and accordingly. Things seemed to be perfectly executed. As expected, one of the “highlights” of any wedding celebration is the throwing of bouquet over a bunch of expecting single ladies.

Okay, maybe not really “expecting”.

Anyway, I was among the gals who participated in the I’ll-throw-the-bouquet-and-whoever-catches-it-marries-next. And believe it or don’t, I fully submitted to its rules. Oh dear, for the love of my best friend! So there: we gathered behind Riza, the bride. Then, we held our hands up as she threw the bouquet of white flowers that she held then. Since we had an epic-fail of throwing-and-catching twice in a row, we had to make it good during the third attempt.

And guess who caught the bouquet…

DARN. I did! And seriously, having done so still bothers me even up to now… *palpitations* (Now, you know why I had to capitalize “UNEXPECTED”.)


The laced garter in the left was put to my right thigh by one of the single guys “summoned” by Luigi. Poor guy, for all I knew, he was only there to drive Luigi’s uncle to the reception area. Hahaha…

According to superstitions told by older folks, anyone who catches the bouquet and the garter, during the wedding celebration, will marry next. Upon remembering this, I’ve gone literally frantic that time and texted my mom about it. Only to find out that Mama considers what happened, which seemed to be an urgent thing that time, as a laughing matter. Thank you, Ma. So encouraging!

But then you know, eventually, I realized that all these fuss are nothing but superstitious beliefs. It still depends upon me when I am ready to “tie the knot” — if I would be ready to do it at all! So instead of letting such wedding myth control me, I made the most out of it.



With the lovely Daisy, Luigi’s eldest sister. :)


(Bhezy, you’re gonna pay for this… LOL)


But in all fairness, I kinda look good in my white bouquet show-off.

What do you think? ;)


College of Law — At Last!

For those who had followed my journey from college years, graduation, passing the Philippine nurse licensure exam, until when I finally get to practice as a nurse, they would be witnesses on how much I’d do anything just to pursue law studies.

I had always been honest that I didn’t like taking-up B.S. Nursing, and that my study of the course — given the hurdles of maintaining a good standing and scholar status — had been painstaking four years ago. Even so, I managed to finish the course due to the will of my parents and my desire not to fail them. During such time, I had not been able to do the things I liked because I’m scared to be kicked out from my university — Yes, my alma mater eliminates students who cannot “keep up” because we really don’t pay much, so they’re kind of strict with the grades.  I guess I had done some ranting about this in the very first post I wrote for this blog site.

Luckily through the years, I came to love the discipline my parents [gravely] pushed me into entering. Now, I work as a National Program Officer for Male Involvement for Safe Motherhood, through NSV (no-scalpel vasectomy), in one of United Nation Populations Fund’s implementing partners in the Philppines — the Cooperative Movement for Encouraging NSV (CMEN). I owe to nursing all the pleasant things I experience now, aside from the fact that the CMEN had opened wonderful opportunities for me as a person. Don’t worry, I’ll catch up as I’d write a blog on that in the succeeding days…

Even with the newly found happiness brought upon by nursing, still, there’s a big part of me calling to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. This “calling” had been postponed a number of times, which even came to a point of becoming neglected…

Finally, after four painstaking and trying years, I made it! I feel so mighty proud…


Even passing the Law Aptitude Examination to become qualified in the College of Law was never easy at all. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this “triumph” because I had no time reviewing for the entrance test due to my hectic schedule at work back then. That’s why after getting that you-qualify-to-the-college-of-law call, I couldn’t help but shout for joy!

Later, I will be enrolling to pay for my tuition fee. It’s actually the first step of reaching my lawyer-dream…

And also the very first to others I have yet to take…

Easter Sunday Videoke Galore for Joshua’s Delayed Birthday Celebration!

In the recent days, my family and I observed usual Catholic and Filipino traditions as much as we could by eating anything aside from meat. We also allotted such days to reflection and contemplation. We did these for three consecutive days and everyone’s in almost total silent mode. These scenarios made it difficult for Joshua, my younger brother, to celebrate his 14th Birthday; most especially that his special date landed on a Good Friday. This meant completely abstaining from eating his favorite food: spaghetti, grilled pork chops, ice cream, and shanghai. To make up for the supposed b-day celeb last April 7, we all decided to just throw a party on the Easter Sunday.

We had a simple gathering to whom Joshua’s friends, JC’s (my brother born next to me) high school cliques, and my band mates from AMIHAN attended. I was not able to get a lot of photos but I guess the following would encompass the highlights:

Here’s Mike striking a pose. Lol.

This is Jay-Ar. He plays for Amihan in place of our old guitarist, Jayson.

Now here’s our adorable and talented lead guitarist, Karl. One thing I can tell about him is he never separates himself from his guitar. Hehehe!

Before we proceed, here are some of the table set-ups from last night’s celeb. The first one’s taken at our table; while the second one’s a photo of the b-day celebrant’s (Joshua) area.

Meanwhile, we had Francis on board later in the party. He’s a very good friend to our band. Apart from being one of our loyal buddies and listeners, he is also a relative to Mike (Amihan’s drummer). Francis happens to be the husband of the sister of Mike’s wife. In this photo, he candidly gave me a “tweetum” pose.

Last night’s bandwagon was videoke galore. Funny how everyone joined in!

Oh look at Francis as he advances nearer to the videoke box! So eager is this guy! Lol.

One of the avid singers of the night is Jude, our dear friend/bassist.

Then after him, everyone just plunged in! Hahaha! Too bad I was only able to take photos of Mike and Francis. Karl and Jay-ar had their fair share of song renditions in the latter part of the videoke marathon but I was so carried away with all the fun that I forgot to take some other shots. Darn!

Francis singing for the “nth” time… Hahaha!

 And here’s mike imitating a typical rock star pose…

Mike strumming an INVISIBLE guitar. Lol.

Meanwhile, here’s how the rest of Joshua’s party proceeded last night.

Some guitar discourse shared by Karl and Jay-Ar (on the first photo) and other candid snap shots from the others (succeeding pictures).

In general, last night’s party was a bash. Joshua was so delighted. You can really see it on his face. 

Thank you very much for reading!

Belated Happy Birthday Joshua!

And belated Happy Easter to everyone!

♥ TINA ♥

The Most Incredible Woman in My Life

Well, my title might sound so overrated but I don’t mind if people think of it as such. Today is one of the most important days of the year because it’s Mom’s birthday!

With the best mom in the face of the planet. <3

It would be an honor to grace this blog page with a birthday greeting for her. :)

Happy 52nd Birthday Ma!

The best mom in the face of the planet; to whom I got all my intelligent, creative, and singing genes. :)