ON MY OWN from Les Miserables – My Own Rendition

I’ve always been fascinated with broadway songs and musicales. I especially love Ms. Saigon, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and Les Miserables. You see, when I was still in high school, I’d join choir and theater groups so I can do the thing I love doing the most – SINGING. I even auditioned for a theater arts course in my senior year. Unfortunately, my parents won’t allow me to pursue such career. So instead, they imposed that I take up nursing. So I did…

But having been unable to pursue formal training in singing and theater acting didn’t stop me from singing and performing. I love rendering music using my God-given ability. So I decided to form a band and continue…

People have known me as the vocalist of a pop-rock band, called AMIHAN. But during my free-time, I take the opportunity to learn and sing classical and broadway music. Here’s one I did just an hour ago:

What do you think about it? I hope you guys like it.

Share with me your thoughts. :)

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Four-Stringed GLOBAL Bass Guitar

Upon rummaging on piles of storage boxes and containers inside our home music studio, my brother stumbled upon our slightly-used funky red bass guitar. He had learned how to use such instrument alongside electric rhythm guitar and drums when he was still starting out as a musician. After almost a year of trial-and-error and self-reflection, he had finally decided to stick on his drummer stuff. So he thought it would be better to sell this one to interested starter or professional bass players.

Believe it or don't, this lovely bass has no scratches and functions so well... It breaks my heart to see it go...

At a fair price of three thousand pesos (PHP 3,000), the bass guitar comes with an entire package comprised of strap holder, bag or case, and audio jack cable for amplifier. (Not bad at all!)

No one else in the family knows how to play the bass guitar so, instead of just leaving it somewhere else, might as well have it sold to someone who can put it into ROCKING good use.

For more details on how to purchase this musical instrument, just message me on my facebook account or text and call at +639353645111.

Don’t miss such wonderful offer.

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Gary Come Home

While browsing my facebook dashboard, I came a across a video about Patrick and Spongebob. But I decided not to watch it. Suddenly, another idea came up which made me search another video instead. Then, I found something really cute…

It was not the actual episode but the following video presentation showcases the full-length “Gary Come Home” soundtrack. This song is part of that sequence when Spongebob and Gary had a little misunderstanding, regarding food and feeding, which made the latter stow away. And then after, Spongebob decided to find him after realizing that he can’t live without his snail-friend.

Here it is:

As anyone would browse the host of videos featuring such song, there’s this one clip that will surely catch anybody’s attention. This is a cover version of Spongebob’s “Gary Come Home”. This was done by Elmorelle.

I find the version kinda cute. When doing a song cover, the singer or musician doesn’t necessarily have to imitate everything in the original song. Elmorell did just that. I love the jazzy feel they’ve incorporated in the song. It makes me want to do a version of my own too… Maybe next time. Lol.

I hope you enjoyed both videos. There are lots of great videos in youtube that you may always check out. You’ll never know what you’re going to find out next.

Until next time… Please visit again.

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Chris Cornell’s Remake of “I Will Always Love You”

And I will always love you…

I say remake instead of “cover” simply because Chris Cornell has put a different touch of technicality in Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You”. Don’t get me wrong… I love Whitney’s vocal quality as much as I love that song she popularized. But I have to say that Chris Cornell has given it a different life… Like he was singing it like his own.

(If you click on the link above, that underlined phrase, you’ll see what I mean.)

As a singer, I would want to emulate Chris Cornell’s ability to compose songs and immortalize them through the use of his own musical persona. His singing reaches the subconsciousness of the listeners and he doesn’t need to reach high notes just to do that. His attack to songs and melodies is pure, consistent and brutally HONEST.

Definitely one of the best vocalists of this generation…

Do you agree?

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Someday I’ll Have a Photograph with Lea

It’s a dream to have an opportunity to sing with the one and only, Ms. Lea Salonga; though I think that’s a little too far-fetched. I am not quite sure but I think it is very unlikely to happen. So I guess, I just have to wish for something attainable… Like having a photograph of us together. I don’t know when will that happen. But while am wondering and hoping for such chance to come, Princess Dianne has already realized it:


How I wish I also had the chance she had!. Anyway, I heard Lea Salonga’s Otolaryngologist (ENT Specialist) was also one of the MD consultants in the team to which my own ENT Specialist belongs to. That explains why she came to visit my previous workplace, the University Physician’s Medical Center.

Someday, I’ll have a picture with you Ms. Lea. I really hope…

Who’s your favorite celebrity? Do you hope of having a photograph with him?

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