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Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 670 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 11 trips to carry that many people.

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College of Law — At Last!

For those who had followed my journey from college years, graduation, passing the Philippine nurse licensure exam, until when I finally get to practice as a nurse, they would be witnesses on how much I’d do anything just to pursue law studies.

I had always been honest that I didn’t like taking-up B.S. Nursing, and that my study of the course — given the hurdles of maintaining a good standing and scholar status — had been painstaking four years ago. Even so, I managed to finish the course due to the will of my parents and my desire not to fail them. During such time, I had not been able to do the things I liked because I’m scared to be kicked out from my university — Yes, my alma mater eliminates students who cannot “keep up” because we really don’t pay much, so they’re kind of strict with the grades.  I guess I had done some ranting about this in the very first post I wrote for this blog site.

Luckily through the years, I came to love the discipline my parents [gravely] pushed me into entering. Now, I work as a National Program Officer for Male Involvement for Safe Motherhood, through NSV (no-scalpel vasectomy), in one of United Nation Populations Fund’s implementing partners in the Philppines — the Cooperative Movement for Encouraging NSV (CMEN). I owe to nursing all the pleasant things I experience now, aside from the fact that the CMEN had opened wonderful opportunities for me as a person. Don’t worry, I’ll catch up as I’d write a blog on that in the succeeding days…

Even with the newly found happiness brought upon by nursing, still, there’s a big part of me calling to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. This “calling” had been postponed a number of times, which even came to a point of becoming neglected…

Finally, after four painstaking and trying years, I made it! I feel so mighty proud…


Even passing the Law Aptitude Examination to become qualified in the College of Law was never easy at all. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this “triumph” because I had no time reviewing for the entrance test due to my hectic schedule at work back then. That’s why after getting that you-qualify-to-the-college-of-law call, I couldn’t help but shout for joy!

Later, I will be enrolling to pay for my tuition fee. It’s actually the first step of reaching my lawyer-dream…

And also the very first to others I have yet to take…

Can Eye Glasses Really Make a Difference?

Aside from eating, drinking, and breathing, I would have to say that being judgmental could be one of the few natural qualities every human being possesses. (But since I don’t have pertinent scientific bases and/or statistical data — I could be dreadfully wrong) Everyday, we make an impression of every individual we see, where it be in our regular cafeteria, workplaces, bars, gym — almost everywhere.

The aforementioned premise made me realize a lot as I examined the following picture:

When I was still in high school and until my sophomore year in college, I’ve not worn eye glasses, as opposed to those kids who would do just to ride the Filipino bandwagon on designer eye glasses. Apparently, being the “cool and/or sexy geek” had become the trend to beat. During such time, people would classify people like me [in nursing college] as average, while others with eye glasses would get near-worship regard because people would think they are studious, genius, industrious — and the other “good -ous and -ius” anyone can think of. But it turns out, almost none of their assumptions were true.

Another example is me wearing shorts and a revealing tank top: Men would whistle at me and others would give me those “what-are-you-wearing” stare whenever I put off my bumblebee [graded] glasses. But then when I put them on, I seem to become unnoticeable yet dignified even with the same type of outfit…

Peculiar responses from people isn’t it?

How about you? Do you have similar experiences? Can you actually relate with the picture above?

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to talk about them. :)

Catching Up My Blog with Dove Real Beauty Sketches

It’s been a while since I posted in this blog. Been busy with my new advocacy-based work. Even so, I intend to update this blog still with exciting and insightful experiences I’ve had in the past few months, while dwelling on my niche…

While I’m thinking of ways to catch up, let me share this video I found on Youtube, which is entitled “Dove Real Beauty Sketches”. This just goes to show that indeed amidst their genuine and unique beauty, women can still be their own worst critics.

May you all have a beautiful week ahead!

The Milkis Discovery

I’m not really a fan of carbonated drinks. Normally, drinking some would just aggravate my thirst. Because of that, I prefer drinking bottled water instead. However, when I had to drink something during my travel to work last week, and that the nearby Ministop has no cold bottled water to offer, I had no choice but to skim through arrays of canned drinks to satisfy my parched throat.

When I skimmed through the store fridge, I saw familiar brands of carbonated drinks and sodas. As I was about to pick a well-known can of cola, a peculiar carbonated drink surprised and amazed me – to the point that I had nothing to do but give it a try.

And after that, the rest is history! I got hooked!


This is MILKIS. Prepare to indulge!

I’m very glad to have found Milkis – the one-of-a-kind carbonated drink with combined milk and yogurt flavors! It tastes like blueberry in milk, though I’m not quite sure about that. Hahaha!

All I know is it’s luscious. Spending twenty bucks for it is worth every cent!