My Take on Modelling

Before anything else, I would like to tell everyone that I am not the typical model type. I only stand 5 feet and 5 inches tall. And as for my vital statistics, mine’s incomparable to Tyra Banks or Claudia Schiffer.

When people hear about the term “model” or “modelling”, they can’t help but think of someone in bikini, sky-high heels, or sexy outfit. And most of the time, they refer to runway models. Talking about stereotyping… In actuality, everyone can be a model. I did it, so even you can do it too. My modelling stint did not involve posing for a men’s magazine though. But I definitely made it to a Philippine health magazine cover:

The one in studded white top at the middle, is me.

The photo above is just some of my works as the Rachell Allen IMAGE model. Becoming an image model differs from other types of modelling because it requires someone to take full representation of an institution or advocacy. In my case, I get to represent Rachell Allen Reviewers, USA – a center for nursing excellence providing NCLEX, IELTS, HAAD, and Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam coaching programs or intensive review sessions for registered nurses and nursing students, alike. And since I am a nurse by profession, I was able to meet one of the institute’s requisites. But before I became entitled with such representation, I had to join a competition first. With that said, I decided to give 2011 Rachell Allen Image Model Search a try.

Rachell Allen Image Model Search. At the Rachell Allen Reviewers, USA, this event serves as the company’s annual tradition. Every year, they opt to choose new individuals to represent what they do and believe on, and that is – COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE AND BRIDGING TIES WITHIN THE NURSING COMMUNITY (I don’t know the exact mission and vision statement they have but I guess I have summarized everything in that premise I came up with.) So, they launch a yearly image model competition from which they will choose among several contestants the new models for their brand.

For you to become part of the competition here are some of the immediate requirements you have to fulfill:

  • You have to be a Registered Nurse or a BSN graduate
  • Student Nurses are also welcome to join
  • Passion for nursing and the nursing profession
  • Commitment to excellence.

Basically, I have at least two of the four requirements which entitled me to be part of the said image model search competition. I began by attending a series of go-sees and interviews before I finally landed on a spot among other twenty (20) finalists.

Here are some of the photos I had during the competition:

My Rachell Allen Family at Jardin De Antonio, Tanuan, Batangas

I really think this photo's funny... :)

The Rachell Allen Image Model Search is executed in the form of a nursing pageant. During the night of such pageantry, I did not expect of anything. Instead, I just enjoyed every moment of it. Maybe the natural radiance and enthusiasm I showed during the program had played a big role in success of becoming the Rachell Allen Image Model Search FEMALE GRANDWINNER. It was such a rewarding experience!

To give you a glimpse of what I’ve been up to during the competition and pageant, here are some snap shots that you might want to check out:

(I am candidate number 7.)

Before the pageant/program started.

Opening with my partner, Aaron.

Aaron and I in our nurse's uniform.


Candidate Number 7 as the Grand Winner.

With JC Bacanto, Male Grand Winner

That night was so magical, so as the image model search as a whole. Until now, I can still remember everything I did and all the trials and sacrifices I’ve experienced along the way. This competition opened up a lot of opportunities for me not only as a nurse professional, but as a person. And for that, I am very thankful.

When I was working as a Triage Nurse from my previous employer, I had to say that I have a pretty ordinary and boring life. Until I won from the Rachell Allen Image Model Search.

My photo in a magazine-inspired theme.

Never thought I’d become a cover girl and an image model. Until Rachell Allen happened…


Thank you for reading. See you next time!


♥ TINA ♥