The Milkis Discovery

I’m not really a fan of carbonated drinks. Normally, drinking some would just aggravate my thirst. Because of that, I prefer drinking bottled water instead. However, when I had to drink something during my travel to work last week, and that the nearby Ministop has no cold bottled water to offer, I had no choice but to skim through arrays of canned drinks to satisfy my parched throat.

When I skimmed through the store fridge, I saw familiar brands of carbonated drinks and sodas. As I was about to pick a well-known can of cola, a peculiar carbonated drink surprised and amazed me – to the point that I had nothing to do but give it a try.

And after that, the rest is history! I got hooked!


This is MILKIS. Prepare to indulge!

I’m very glad to have found Milkis – the one-of-a-kind carbonated drink with combined milk and yogurt flavors! It tastes like blueberry in milk, though I’m not quite sure about that. Hahaha!

All I know is it’s luscious. Spending twenty bucks for it is worth every cent!