The Milkis Discovery

I’m not really a fan of carbonated drinks. Normally, drinking some would just aggravate my thirst. Because of that, I prefer drinking bottled water instead. However, when I had to drink something during my travel to work last week, and that the nearby Ministop has no cold bottled water to offer, I had no choice but to skim through arrays of canned drinks to satisfy my parched throat.

When I skimmed through the store fridge, I saw familiar brands of carbonated drinks and sodas. As I was about to pick a well-known can of cola, a peculiar carbonated drink surprised and amazed me – to the point that I had nothing to do but give it a try.

And after that, the rest is history! I got hooked!


This is MILKIS. Prepare to indulge!

I’m very glad to have found Milkis – the one-of-a-kind carbonated drink with combined milk and yogurt flavors! It tastes like blueberry in milk, though I’m not quite sure about that. Hahaha!

All I know is it’s luscious. Spending twenty bucks for it is worth every cent!


Cakes, Cakes, and Cakes!

As opposed to my usual rising time, I woke up at about 8:30 a while ago.  Unlike my ordinary sleeping routine, when I hit the sack during which the sun has already come out, I tried my best to sleep as early as possible at 2AM this morning. Luckily, I did. After staying up until morning the other day, from an “event” with some mouse who haphazardly entered my room the night before it, I know my body demands one cycle of decent sleep.

So know, you wouldn’t imagine how I felt so energized a while ago. I ate a hearty breakfast of fried rice, dried anchovies, and smoked milk fish, and drank a mugful of instant coffee (Yeah, instant because I suck with constituting my own mix big time!). I even had a hour long chitchat with my mom as we tried catching up with each other’s endeavors and stories from the previous weeks. This always happens during the weekends, that’s why I so love days like this.

Well anyway, some of you my dear readers might be wondering what does this has to do with cakes.

Good question.

You see, because it seemed that I woke up at the right side of the bed, I feel all rejuvenated and ready to conquer all the entire day’s work. When I came back on my working station and browsed the net after talking with Mama, I found a an article from Hubpages on how to make and decorate train cakes. Upon navigating it, I found and watched a series of youtube videos about cake decoration. I became so fascinated about how easy and creatively done these cakes are that I have to bookmark their links for future reference.

Here are just some of the many videos I found. They are obviously my favorites:

The Turtle Cake

Sponge Bob Pretty Patties

Football Cake

Electric Guitar Cake

The Spongebob Squarepants Cake

I love cakes. Honestly, I would love to learn how to make lots of them. If I do get the means to study in a crash course class, I’d definitely be the luckiest girl in the world. Hahaha! I’ve always seen myself as a pastry-maker or a baker. I really can’t imagine myself dealing with frying pans and stove. Basically, all those videos above reflect how eager I am to learn. You might be thinking of making one of your cakes one these days so I thought of sharing these tutorials with you. In this way, more people would see and learn.

Now I have to stop. I’m getting hungry and I’m afraid there hasn’t any food cooked yet by this time.

Have a great day ahead!

♥ TINA ♥