Gary Come Home

While browsing my facebook dashboard, I came a across a video about Patrick and Spongebob. But I decided not to watch it. Suddenly, another idea came up which made me search another video instead. Then, I found something really cute…

It was not the actual episode but the following video presentation showcases the full-length “Gary Come Home” soundtrack. This song is part of that sequence when Spongebob and Gary had a little misunderstanding, regarding food and feeding, which made the latter stow away. And then after, Spongebob decided to find him after realizing that he can’t live without his snail-friend.

Here it is:

As anyone would browse the host of videos featuring such song, there’s this one clip that will surely catch anybody’s attention. This is a cover version of Spongebob’s “Gary Come Home”. This was done by Elmorelle.

I find the version kinda cute. When doing a song cover, the singer or musician doesn’t necessarily have to imitate everything in the original song. Elmorell did just that. I love the jazzy feel they’ve incorporated in the song. It makes me want to do a version of my own too… Maybe next time. Lol.

I hope you enjoyed both videos. There are lots of great videos in youtube that you may always check out. You’ll never know what you’re going to find out next.

Until next time… Please visit again.

♥ TINA ♥