ON MY OWN from Les Miserables – My Own Rendition

I’ve always been fascinated with broadway songs and musicales. I especially love Ms. Saigon, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and Les Miserables. You see, when I was still in high school, I’d join choir and theater groups so I can do the thing I love doing the most – SINGING. I even auditioned for a theater arts course in my senior year. Unfortunately, my parents won’t allow me to pursue such career. So instead, they imposed that I take up nursing. So I did…

But having been unable to pursue formal training in singing and theater acting didn’t stop me from singing and performing. I love rendering music using my God-given ability. So I decided to form a band and continue…

People have known me as the vocalist of a pop-rock band, called AMIHAN. But during my free-time, I take the opportunity to learn and sing classical and broadway music. Here’s one I did just an hour ago:

What do you think about it? I hope you guys like it.

Share with me your thoughts. :)

♥ TINA ♥

The Little Lea Salonga

Everyone knows how talented and brilliant Lea Salonga is. Apart from her mesmerizing appeal on stage and her skillful acting, her voice has been considered as one of the most captivating and powerful ones in the broadway musicale scene. Personally, she’s one of my music heroes. I started to admire her singing prowess when I was little. That was the time when my mom bought some cassette tapes for me with one of her popular singles in it, “Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal” (Why Do I Love You So Much?). Her voice was so sweet at the beginning of the said song but was taking pace and increasing in intensity as it progresses to the second chorus and bridge parts. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be just like Lea Salonga.

Lea with her brother, Gerard Salonga.

Now I wonder… How did her career begin? Did she have any music or singing lessons when she was younger? What were her musical influences then? As an avid fan, I can’t help but question these things about Lea Salonga. Simply because I want to know what made her the brilliant singer and theater actress she is today. And maybe, emulate some stuff she did to become a successful singer or music artist someday. (Okay, I know it’s way too ambitious! ) When I decided to browse on a wikipedia entry about her (linked from her official website www.leasalonga.com), I found some fast facts about this Filipino pride:

  • She was born as Maria Lea Carmen Imutan Salonga
  • Her birthday is on February 22, 1971
  • Her debut to the theater scene is in 1978, when she was seven years old, as part of the play The King and I ; from which she was given the lead role, Annie
  • She began her career as a recording artist at the age of ten with her first album Small Voice
  • She even hosted her first television program entitled Love, Lea
  • She was also part of the cast of German Moreno’s variety show called THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT
  • She’s been a member of the Repertoire Philippines, along with her co-Miss Saigon actress, Monique Wilson
  • She had attended the University of the Philippines Singing Extension Program (though I really have to double check on this one…)

Photo from mysweetcupoftea

But what really intrigued me is how she bagged that role of Kim in the musicale, Miss Saigon. Upon browsing tons of websites regarding such matter, they all say the same thing: Lea Salonga went to an audition held by the Miss Saigon Team in 1988 at the Philippines. (Oh yeah! That was my birth year). Her family and friends from some theater group at the Ateneo urged her to give it a shot. So she auditioned with “On My Own” as her piece. Then, she made it to the call back and this time, was asked to sing “Sun and Moon” by Claude-Michel Schönberg. The Miss Saigon team knew, from the moment Lea hit her first note, that she’s got the biggest potential of getting the lead role, Kim. Anyway, here’s a youtube video I always watch whenever I’m on my broadway mood. Here, you’ll see what I’m talking about:


See? Lea is a true Filipino talent. That video was shot by someone when she was learning the audition song. As you can see, she’s a very fast-learner. And man, her voice is like an angel’s!

Here are some photos that I got online which you might as well enjoy:

Lea as "Kim".

And that’s your little Lea Salonga (Though I’ve included some photos of the grown-up Ms. Salonga, Hehehe!). As for her singing, you might not even hear the difference because she hasn’t really changed through time. She just keeps getting better every time.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Have a musical day ahead!

♥ TINA ♥

“Sun and Moon”: My Attempt to Do a Cover of One of Miss Saigon Classic Songs

“You are sunlight and I moon joined here… Brightening the sky with the flame of love… Made of sunlight… Moonlight…”

Awwww… I must say, this is one of the most romantic duet songs ever created by mankind. And the only song which captured my heart and singing fantasies! With Lea Salonga’s meek yet powerful voice, this song will continue to be ingrained in people’s minds forever. :)

Photo from Broadway Musicale Home

Okay, I am going to make a confession right now. Before I did rock music, I used to sing broadway, disney classics, and some classical latin songs. I was part of a chorale group (Glee Club) back in elementary and first year high school so that explains my exposure to such influences. Even though I currently sing for a rock band, I have to admit that I still miss singing songs like this.

Without further ado, here’s my own rendition of Ms. Lea Salonga’s SUN AND MOON. A take by a Ms. Saigon wannabe. :)

(Not as good as Lea’s version. Hope you enjoy listening to it. )


* Special thanks to youtube user firsttenor76 for sharing his minus one to the rest of the world. \m/