Sazi’s Bar

Two days ago, I and my band AMIHAN had a gig at one of the most popular bars in Metro Manila – Sazi’s Bar (formerly known as Mayric’s). It has been a dream for me to sing or play with a band in such a place because that’s where all Filipino rock music geniuses and renowned rock acts had all started. It’s like playing in the “hall of fame”. I would like to call it the haven of rockers. 

The theme of the event was FEMALE VOCALISTS’ NIGHT. Thus, all vocalists should be gals.

Our band's listed last but we were the night's third performers.

We came before the Fatjack Productions organizing crew arrived. So, we did our best to just chill out as much as we can. We had a fairly difficult commute from Rizal to Espana, Manila. We have no choice because we want to arrive on time at Sazi’s.

The wonderful woman in the left is Michael's (our drummer in cap at the right) ever loving and supportive wife. We're very glad to have her with us.

While waiting, my Amihan boys boozed and smoked big time. They seem to be enjoying a lot while I was in the background doing my usual pre-performance lip trills. When my boyfriend, Axle came, I decided to momentarily join them in this photo:

In the photo above, you’ll notice a guy behind Mike. He’s JR, our band’s sessionista. It’s our first gig to have him on board.

Karl puffing the soothing smoke.

At 9PM, people are crowding all over the place. Other performing bands plus their expected visitors are now entering the bar. Even walk-in students and music enthusiasts line-up at the bar’s entrance to be able to get seats for the upcoming event.

While we were waiting for the productions crew, who made such event possible, we kinda had a little problem with Mike’s gears. The bar’s drum set had no snare drum in it; so we have to find someone who brought his own, to whom Mike can borrow from. By this time, we decided to be enlisted second or third in the band line-up. But still, Richie Guinto (Fatjack’s founder) would  be the one to give the final say.

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention… This gig is an album launch event for some band called Kursonada. We haven’t heard of them yet which is understandable because it would be their first time to play live in front of a listening crowd (that’s according to them). It’s like this album launch is their first exposure.

When everything was finally set, we landed on the third spot in the line-up. We had played next to Derramos whose vocalist is a close friend of Ax and I. On the other hand, Mike was able to find someone to whom he can borrow a snare drum from. He was able to convince Matkov’s drummer to lend him her gear.

Matkov, a two-piece band.

And then our turn came. We performed three of our five original song compositions. Here’s the line-up:

  1. Byahe
  2. Saglit
  3. SiMan (Si Manloloko)
From the sound check to the actual performance, I must say, we really had so much fun!

Let the sound check begin!

Mike checking on the drum set.

Karl, so relaxed.

Axle, my ever supportive boyfriend, is usually the one tasked to do the true sound check. He often positions himself in front or among the audience in order to hear whether we’ll sound good before the actual performance. Maybe he took this photo while he was doing that:

I love how the light emphasized my long curls. :)

Among the audience was Rich Palma (the one in black shirt and long layered hair in my right [your left] ), our facebook friend to whom we met the first time.

After a while of sound check and plug-ins, I went on stage to greet everyone and proceed to our performance.

Here’s one of the videos taken from the event. In this footage (taken by Mr. Sam Manahan) is our live performance of our original song composition called, “BYAHE”.



Play hard. ROCK HARDER! \m/

Thank you very much for dropping by. ‘Til next time!
♥ TINA ♥