MARIA KRISTINA D. SIUAGAN, also known as Tina to her peers and loved ones, is a registered nurse by profession. She is a graduate of the PAMANTASAN NG LUNGSOD NG MAYNILA (University of the City of Manila). In 2011, she had practiced nursing at the University Physicians Medical Center, Manila, Philippines as a Triage and Intravenous Therapy Nurse. There, she had the opportunity to deal with people coming from all walks of life. She was able to see reality and courage in each individual and adored all the complexities of life. She knew she landed on one of the coolest and noblest of all professions.

When it comes to writing, Tina believes that she still has so many things to learn and explore upon. Her writing flair was not something she acquired overnight.  In 2010, she wrote for a website that caters specifically for nurse professionals all around the globe, while she was seeking employment. However, it was only in October 2011 that she fell in love with writing even more. Having suffered a health problem (which caused her to quit her second job), she found refuge, comfort, and satisfaction in writing. Her condition prevented her from speaking for almost two months so she had no choice but to write down her thoughts in words to enable her to connect and communicate with people. She was in the verge of succumbing to devastation, loneliness, and hopelessness when she found the healing power of writing. She continued even after the period of her recuperation and was so much surprised how much writing transformed her in to a totally different person.

So maybe some of you are wondering, why call her thesingernurse? Tina is a very passionate singer, songwriter, and music artist. Her greatest influence was Lea Salonga and she had been doing classical and broad way music since her fourth grade. When she went to college, she was exposed to a diverse group of people and musical preferences. That was the time she found out more about ROCK MUSIC. Since then, she never stopped listening to it. At present, she’s working her way to realizing her dream of becoming an Original Filipino Music artist and becoming the best rock vocalist and composer that she could be. When she’s not singing for her band AMIHAN, you’d surely find her in someone else’s wedding as a part-time wedding singer.

Believe it or don’t, Tina is also a model. Having won an image model search for nurses made her establish wonderful ties with some of the Philippine’s top-caliber photographers and make-up artists. She was also featured as one of the cover girls of ZEN HEALTH MAGAZINE (a popular health magazine in the Philippines) and became the image model of a nursing review institution named, Rachell Allen Reviewers USA. Amidst the offers for modelling stints, this once ugly duckling still could not believe that those fashion people find her beautiful…

Well, that’s all you need to know about her. She’d be very glad to hear more from you all.

What are your thoughts in this?

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